Lifelong Success of Pioneer At Halftown Holsteins
27th April 2017

Pictured: (L-R) William Irvine, Halftown Holsteins discussing silage quality with Allen Jones - Fane Valley Feeds Technical Sales Representative

William and David Irvine farm the Halftown Holstein herd at Mountnorris in County Armagh.  A strong emphasis has always been placed on making and conserving high quality forages. Key to this quality forage focus is ensuring the use of Pioneer forage additives.

“Pioneer additives have been used at this farm for at least the last 20 years as I know that the additives improve and ferment my forages consistently and therefore I see no reason to change”. explains William.

Maize silage is grown every year due to the nutritional benefits provided for the herd and “Pioneer 11A44 delivers me consistent results every year with heating in the pit never an issue despite the higher dry matter. This is particularly useful during the summer months when I am buffer feeding the cows at grass with maize silage”. confirms William

The maize silage made in 2016 analysed at 32% dry matter and 27% starch despite moving to an earlier maturing variety and Pioneer 11A44 helped create a really good preservation.

Three cuts of silage are taken each year and Pioneer additive applied to each cut. William explains, “Depending on grass dry matter, I apply either Pioneer 11A44 to grass with a dry matter higher than 25% or Pioneer 1188 to grass with dry matter less than 25% to ensure that the correct preservation requirements of each forage are met. The 1st cut silage made on the Irvine farm in 2016 received 11A44 additive as a result of its higher dry matter and has analysed very well at 31% dry matter, 11.9 ME, 16% protein and 3.9 pH. Preservation of this forage occurred quickly and efficiently despite the higher dry matter thanks to the Pioneer additive".

“Fane Valley Feeds provide a great delivery service and I know that if I decide to cut tomorrow they will have the correct additive in my yard before I start lifting silage”. adds William