Fane Valley Stores Sign-Off with Charity CLIC Sargent.
9th January 2019

Pictured: (L-R) Thomas Barnett – Retail Manager Fane Valley Stores, Gareth McElduff – CLIC Sargent, Trevor Nesbitt – Store Manager Fane Valley Stores, Kate Burn – CLIC Sargent & Dessie Ferguson – General Manager Fane Valley Stores

Fane Valley Stores, Northern Ireland’s most trusted supplier of products, advice and technical services to the farming and rural community have shown their support to chosen charity CLIC Sargent throughout 2018 and now conclude their amazing relationship with a cheque for £15,000.

Fane Valley has 16 agri-stores across the province and with a combined effort from all staff and customers towards a full and dynamic programme of events and fundraisers, has supported the UK’s leading cancer charity for children, young people and their families, which holds very personal links to the farming Co-operative.

Thomas Barnett – Fane Valley Stores, Retail Manager said: “We are very happy to hand over this cheque for £15,000 to CLIC Sargent. The total amount represents a culminative effort from staff across our 16 stores, head office and also the generous help of our valued customers.  Over the last 9 months we have made great friendships with the team at CLIC Sargent, they provide such a wonderful, selfless and compassionate service to those suffering with cancer related illness and also for their families.” 

Thomas concluded: “Our staff and customers have been so kind-hearted and charitable of their time and finances throughout the busy schedule of events in 2018. The main reason for Fane Valley Stores supporting CLIC Sargent was due to the loss of Trevor Nesbitt’s son Paul. Trevor is a work colleague and news of Paul’s diagnosis and later loss of life deeply shocked and saddened everyone within Fane Valley. So, we all wanted to show our support to Trevor and his family by-way-of helping CLIC Sargent, who themselves were so kind and comforting during Paul’s illness.

Trevor Nesbitt – Fane Valley Stores, Store Manager remarked: “My family and I have always felt very much supported by everyone at Fane Valley. So, when they asked our permission to support CLIC Sargent, we of course were overjoyed. The past several months of activities and events, and especially the amazing donations by colleagues and customers have really emphasised how generous and supportive people can be.  CLIC Sargent do such a wonderful job, in fact, it goes beyond the levels of a job. The empathy, comradery, humour, support, encouragement and hospitality shown is truly something special. I am proud to be able to present this cheque today to CLIC Sargent as a token towards the wonderful care and comfort they show to those facing the battle against cancer.”