Easier Lambing with Safmannan
31st January 2019

Matthew Armstrong, Fane Valley Feeds - Ruminant Nutritionist

Sheep farmers want easy lambing, strong healthy lambs and ewes with plenty of milk. With Fane Valley Feeds Ewe Breeder Nuts including Safmannan, this is all possible.

Safmannan, which is the purest form of mannan oligosaccharide, was included in Fane Valley Feeds Ewe Breeder Nuts in 2012 and year after year, has proved its value in the nutrition of the pregnant ewe. Exclusive to Fane Valley Feeds, Safmannan increases the immunoglobulin content of colostrum giving new-born lambs the best form of disease defence possible and many farmers have reported easier lambing due to increased fluids during birth. When offered with the correct nutrition, the amount of colostrum is increased helping to prevent against hypothermia and produce healthy, vigorous lambs. 

With lambing time fast approaching, Dr Hazel Gilmore, Ruminant Nutritionist for Fane Valley Feeds discusses that getting the basic nutrition of pregnant ewes correct is vital pre-lambing. Fane Valley Feeds ewe concentrates have been designed to ensure that the ewes energy and protein requirements are met during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy, when 70% of lamb growth occurs and appetite reduces by 30%. 

Fane Valley Feeds Ewe Breeder Nuts contain 20% protein to help balance a wide range of silages, containing the best quality protein from Hi-Pro Soya ensures colostrum production and supply can meet the demands of new-born and growing lambs while also contributing to muscle tone and lamb vigour. 

Providing a high level of energy from Maize and Wheat, Ewe Breeder Nuts help to meet the vast surge in energy requirements pre-lambing. The inclusion of a high quality vitamin and mineral pack ensures that all requirements of the unborn lamb and ewe are supplied. 

Body condition score of ewes should be checked at least 8 weeks pre-lambing and ewes fed according to Table 1 to ensure energy and protein requirements are met. Ewes in poor body condition should be fed for longer.

Table 1. Guideline Ewe Breeder Nut feed rates (Kg per head, per day ) for pre-lambing ewes depending on silage quality.

The Fane Valley Feeds Sales Team and Ruminant Nutritionists are available to discuss the benefits of Safmannan and Fane Valley Sheep Feeds in more detail by calling 028 8224 3221