Do You Know What The Value of Grass Is On Your Farm
3rd April 2017

Real time grass sampling to analyse the quality and potential milk yield from grass is now a reality at Fane Valley Feeds.  The Fane Valley Feeds technical team are now equipped with NIR4Farm portable forage analyser’s.

NIR4Farm makes it possible to analyse grass and silage quality on farm in real time, providing instant results that enables the Fane Valley Feeds technical team and their farmer clients to benefit from accurate ration adjustments straight away.

The team at Fane Valley feeds have been testing grass on a number of farms this past week as cows are starting to be turned out to in some parts of the country.  Even with the hang over of winter covers, grass quality on most farms has been quite good.

The accurate analysis of grass allows for the value of grass to be accurately formulated into the diet to maximise cow performance.  Over valuing grass can often be a problem with cows being allowed to milk of their back, and subsequently the loss of body condition resulting in reduced fertility in the herd.

If you require any further information on the value of grass on your farm or to discuss grass management, budgeting or measuring, please contact Dr Hazel Gilmore on 07714950584 or Matthew Armstrong on 07714950585. Alternatively, please contact your local Fane Valley Feeds Ruminant Sales Representative.